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Tsukiji Fish Markets in Tokyo are the largest fish markets in the world. The Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market sells not only fish and seafood but a range of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as meat.

Tsukiji Fish Markets

Tsukiji markets has on sale over 400 different types of fish and seafood.

The Tuna auction area is one of the more popular visitor attractions though you have to get up really early in the morning to see the tuna auctions. The Tuna auctions start at 3am with the sellers laying their tuna out on display for inspection from the buyers. The auction begins at 5.30am. The auctions are usually completed by 7am with the buyers then loading their tuna onto trucks to be delivered to shops and restaurants all throughout Tokyo.

In recent times there have been some interruptions to the Tuna auctions by tourists and at times visitors have been prevented from entering the auction area. Now they are limiting the numbers of visitors to 150 people in the viewing area so you need to get there early to make sure you can get in.

Getting to Tsukiji Fish Markets

The closest subway train station to Tsukiji Fish Markets is Tsukijishijo Station (Tsukiji market station) on the Toei Oedo Line or there is the Tsukiji Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line which is just a few minutes walk to the markets.

You can also walk down to Tsukiji Fish Markets from Ginza train station which is around a 15 minute walk.

Tokyo Tsukiji markets

Last updated 21st January 2013

Tsukiji Fish Markets Tokyo


At the front section or outer market (jogai shijo) is the area for the general public which has various stalls selling. At the back section or inner market (jonai shijo)  is the wholesale section and tuna auction area with has limited access to visitors. At the outer markets as well as a range of fish and seafood there are also Japanese kitchen products for sale.

Tsukiji Fish Markets outer market area


Right at the front section of the markets are a large number of small sushi restaurants, many with only a counter with room for up to 6 people to stand and have some fresh sushi or sashimi. Most of these small sushi retaurants are only open in the morning and close by 11am. There are some that are open later and there are 2 large sushi restaurants which are open 24 hours a day.

Sushi restaurant at Tsukiji Fish Markets Tokyo


Tsukiji fish markets Tokyo central


Tsukiji markets







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