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It is often hard to find either an ATM cash machine in Tokyo to withdraw money from your foreign issued bank card or to find a foreign Exchange office to exchange your home currency with Japanese Yen. Here is a list of both ATMs and Foreign exchange offices in the most popular tourists spots in Tokyo.

ATMs in Tokyo (Bank Automatic Teller Machines)

Most Japanese bank ATMs only accept Japanese issued cards to withdraw cash though some do accept Citibank issued cards. The easiest way to find a ATM that accepts a foreign card is to either find a 7 Eleven Store or to find a Citibank branch. 7 Eleven operate their own ATM machines - 7Bank ATMs which accept foreign cards with Visa, Maestro or Cirrus.

Here are some locations of both 7 Eleven Stores with ATMs and also Citibank locations in the various areas of Tokyo:

ATMs in Shinjuku

On the western side of Shinjuku station, 2 blocks down, there is a 7 Eleven store with an ATM machine which accepts foreign cards. Click here for the Google maps location of the 7 Eleven Store.

ATM machines in Shinjuku Tokyo - 7 Eleven stores


On the eastern side of Shinjuku station there is Citibank branch which has a number of ATMs which accept foreign cards. Click here for the Google Maps location of the Citibank branch.


Also on the eastern side of Shinjuku Station there is a 7 Eleven store right at the entrance of Kabuki-cho which has an ATM that accepts foreign cards. Click here for the Google Maps location.

Directly under the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Nishi-Shinjuku is a 7 Eleven store with a 7Bank ATM. The 7 Eleven is open 24 hours a day.

Directly under the Hilton Hotel in Nishi-Shinjuku is a 7Bank ATM located within the Hiltopia Shopping Arcade.

ATMs in Shibuya

On level 7 of the Shibuya 109 department mall there is a 7Bank ATM machine. Take the lift up and turn to the left as you get out and the ATM is right there.


There is also a Citibank branch located 5 minutes walk up the hill, past Shibuya 109, near Dogenzaka. Click here for the Google map location for the Citibank ATM machine.


There are also a few 7 Eleven stores in Shibuya which have ATMs that accept foreign bank cards. Click for Seven Eleven location closest to Shibuya station. 

ATMs in Roppongi

There used to be a 7Eleven store on the main road, just down from Roppongi Crossing though that is now closed. All the other conveniences stores like Lawson have ATMs but they only accept bank cards issued by Japanese Banks or Citibank,

The only ATMS that I could find was in Roppongi Hills Shopping complex, Enter the West Walk and turn left just after the information counter and there is are 2 Citibank ATM machines they accept Mastercard, VISA, Cirrus, Maestro cards. Roppongi Hills is around 380 meters walk from Roppongi Crossing.

ATMs in Ueno

There is an ATM inside the 7 Eleven Stores directly across from Ueno Train Station, take the Hirokoji exit, then cross the road and walk down the lane way just before going under the overhead train bridge. Click here for the Google Map location.

ATM in Ueno Tokyo

Foreign Exchange Offices in Tokyo

There are quite a few foreign exchange offices in Tokyo though often it is hard to find their locations. Travelex seems to have the most foreign exchange offices all through Tokyo. Here is a list of Foreign exchange offices in Tokyo in the most popular locations:

Foreign Exchange offices in Tokyo

Foreign exchange in Shinjuku

There is a Travelex Foreign Exchange office on the western side of Shinjuku Train station. Take the Central Western Exit and turn to the right and walk down the hill. You will see a McDonald's and the Travelex office is right next door. Chick her for the Google Maps for the location.

Travelex Foreign Exchange Shinjuku Tokyo

Foreign Exchange at Ueno

There is a World Currency Shop foreign Exchange office upstairs in the Ueno Train Station. Take the escalators up right next to the Hard Rock Cafe, turn to the left and you will find the office.

World Currency Exchange Ueno Train Station Tokyo

Last updated 5th October 2013







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