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Odaiba or Daiba is a man made island built in Tokyo Bay connected to Tokyo by the Rainbow Bridge. Odaiba is an entertainment area with large shopping centres, restaurants, shops and Decks Beach.

Odaiba or Daiba has 4 large shopping centres - Decks Tokyo Beach Shopping Mall, Aqua City, Diver City and Venus Fort. As well as hundreds of specialty stores, Deck's Shopping Mall has a large Sega World Joypolis with amusement rides and video games as well as a Madam Taussad's Wax Museum and a Legoaland Discovery Centre. There is also the Tokyo Takoyaki Museum and on the top 2 levels there are many restaurants with good views over Tokyo Bay to the Rainbow Bridge.

Deck's Shopping Mall Odaiba

Aqua City Shopping Mall Odaiba

Sega Joypolis Odaiba

Tokyo Takoyaki Museum is located on the top floor of Decks Beach Shopping Mall. A tribute to 'Takoyaki' which is pieces of squid cook in a crispy batter which is very famous all throughout Japan. There are displaying showing the history of Takoyaki as well as a number of stores selling freshly cooked Takoyaki.See more pictures of Tokyo Takoyaki Museum.

Tokyo Takoyaki Museum Odaiba

Located directly behind the Shopping Malls is the Fuji Television Building. Visitors are welcome in the Fuji TV Building. There is an observation deck with views over Odaiba and across the Tokyo Bay. On the 5th floor of the Fuji TV Building, visitors can view the operations of how TV shows are produced.

Fuji TV Building Odaiba

Huge Gundam Transformer at Odaiba

Right out the front of Diver City Shopping Mall at Odaiba is a huge 18m tall transformer called Gundam. The Gundam transformer was first brought to Odaiba as a temporary display our the front of Decks Shopping Mall in 2014, it was then moved to the front of Diver City Shopping Mall as a permanent display. Every hour Gundam moves his head side to side.
Gundam Transformer at Odaiba Tokyo

Museums in Odaiba

As well as the Takoyaki Museum (which is not really a museum but just a large food court selling Takoyaki) there are 2 other museums worth visiting in Odaiba.

The Museum of Maritime Science is a huge museum in the shape of a ship. Inside there are many interactive displays and there is a tall observation deck at the top of the museum which great views over Tokyo Bay and towards the city of Tokyo. Close by there is also the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.
Museum of Maritime Science Odaiba Tokyo

Restaurants in Odaiba

Trattoria Maruumo Italian Restaurant (1 review) Decks Tokyo Beach 5th Floor 1-6-1 Daiba Tokyo Ph: (03) 3599 6567. Open 7 days a week from 11am - 10pm. An Italian restaurant located in O-Daiba with a fantastic view over to the Rainbow Bridge.For restaurant reviews for Trattoria Maruumo Italian Restaurant click here.

Trattoria Maruumo Italian Restaurant Daiba Tokyo

Khazana Indian Restaurant (reviews)5th Floor Decks Tokyo Beach Daiba Minato-ku Tokyo Ph: (03) 3599 6551. Open 7 days a week from 11am - 10pm.For restaurant reviews for Khazana Indian Restaurant click here.

Khazana Indian Restaurant Daiba Tokyo

Last updated 25th October 2015

Rainbow Bridge connecting Odaiba to Tokyo

Rainbow Bridge Tokyo Bay


Rainbow Bridge is a suspension bridge which was opened in 1993 connecting Tokyo's Shibaura Wharf with Odaiba. The bridge carries traffic along it's 570m length. There is also a pedestrian walkway across the bridge as well as a monorail which takes you to Odaiba.

Deck's Beach is an artificial sandy beach built at Odaiba overlooking Tokyo Bay just in front of Deck's Shopping Mall.

Deck's Beach Odaiba

Along the front walkway infront of the shopping malls there are street performers. Often there are fireworks displays over Tokyo Bay best view from Odaiba.

Street performers Odaiba

Just in front of Aqua City is a small replica of the Statue of Liberty was built in 1999 to celebrate "The French Year in Japan". The Statue of Liberty has a great backdrop of Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge.

Statue of Liberty Odaiba Tokyo

Onsen in Odaiba

Right in the heart of Odaiba Tokyo you will find Oedo Onsen Monogatari (Japanese Hot springs). These are not your normal traditional Japanese Hot springs but more like a theme park of hot springs. Here they have a good selection of different temperature hot springs as well as loads of restaurants and cafe and other amusements like fortune tellers. Check out the Oedo Onsen English Website.

If you are visiting Oedo Onsen, stay on the monorail train 2 more stops after Daiba Station and get off at Telecom Centre Station which is only a few minutes walk to Oedo Onsen.
Oedo Onsen in Odaiba Tokyo

Megaweb Odaiba

Right at the back of Odaiba is Megaweb which is a car theme park - Toyota City Showcase. As well as huge display of Toyota cars, you can also test drive some of the cars. On top of the Megaweb building is a huge wheel which you can ride on to get amazing views over Tokyo Bay.

History of Odaiba

The name Odaiba comes from a group of 6 islands in Tokyo Bay which were converted into fortresses by Egawa Hidetatsu as part of the Tokugawa shogunate in 1853. The primary purpose of the fortresses were to protect Edo (old Tokyo) from the Black Ships of Commodore Matthew Perry of the United States Navy which arrived in Japan in the same year. Daiba in Japanese refers to the cannon batteries placed on these islands. The No.3 battery cannon was restored as is still on display in the Metropolitan Daiba Park.

Hotels in Odaiba

The Hilton Hotel Odaiba (formerly the Nikko Hotel) is located right next to Aqua City Shopping Mall in Odaiba.

Hilton Hotel Odaiba Tokyo

Getting to Odaiba Tokyo

Get the subway train to Shimbashi Station and change to the Yuriamome Monorail which takes you across the Rainbow Bridge. Get off at the Odaiba Kaihin Koen Station which is directly behind Decks Shopping Mall or the next station is Daiba Station which is right next to Aqua City and the Hilton Hotel and the closest station to get to Diver City to go see the Gundam transformer.

Or you can go to by ferry across the TokyoBay. Get the JR Line train to Hamamatsucho Station and walk 10 minutes to the Hinode Pier. Ferries leave here regular across to Decks Beach Ferry Pier.

Ferry to Odaiba Tokyo


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