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One of the newest attractions in Kabukicho, opened in early 2013, is Tokyo Robot Restaurant. Tokyo Robot Restaurant is a themed restaurant with a live show featuring robots and some gorgeous Japanese dancing girls. A multi-million dollar facility which is located several levels below the streets of Kabukicho. Robot Restaurant has several shows each night costing 5,000 JPY which includes a bento box and a 1.5 hour stage show. The food is not the attraction at Robot Restaurant - it is all about the Robots. Check out more photos and details for Tokyo Robot Restuarant.

Tokyo Robot Restaurant Kabukicho
Tokyo Robot Restaurnt Kabukicho

This is a highly recommended show for all the family. The entire Robot restaurant is an assault on your sensors from the moment you walk in, with flashing lights, neon and laser lights, loud music and lots of action on the stage at all time. This is not your standard themed restaurant, more a theatre stadium with seats located around the outside. The bento boxes you get, included in the 5000 JPY entrance fee are pretty ordinary though the show alone is well worth the cost. 1 soft drink is included with the bento box and you can buy beer for 500 JPY per glass.

Robot Restaurant stadium seating

Robots and dancing girls make up the 1.5 hour stage show. Some of the largest robots are controlled by the girls, sitting in their lap and driving them through the main stage area. Robot Restaurant is introducing new robots to their show on a regular basis.

Ride on robots at Tokyo Robot Restaurant

Girls riding on the robots - Tokyo Robot Restaurant

There is a quick half time intermission in the show which gives you the chance to get down on the stage and check out the robots and have your photo taken with them.

Photo time at Robot Restaurant

So are the Robots or the dancing girls the stars of the show? Well if you like robots, and you like dancing girls, then you will love this show. The 1.5 hours flies by in no time. The show is quality entertainment and I would not hesitate to go back and see the show again.

Dancing girls at Robot Restaurant Tokyo

Girls at Robot Restaurant Tokyo

Tokyo Robot Restaurant has shows on everynight. You can buy tickets at the restaurant though is best to make a reservation via their website, especially for the earlier shows in the evening. There are lockers at the ground level, where you purchase tickets to store your bags. You can take your cameras inside.

Robot Restaurant Show Times:

Monday - Saturday 7pm, 8.30pm and 10pm

Sunday 7pm only

Telephone bookings available 9am - 10pm Ph: (03) 3200 5500

Tokyo Robot Restaurant Adddress: B2F Shinjuku Robot Bldg, 1-7-1 Kabukicho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo , Japan

Click here for Google Maps location of Tokyo Robot Restaurant

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Last updated 4th August 2013








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