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Horumon Yakiniku Restaurant

  Kabukicho Shinjuku Tokyo


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Horumon Yakiniku Restaurant




Ph: 03-3209 4332


Restaurant Type: Yakiniku restaurant / Japanese BBQ restaurant

Opening Hours: Open Mon - Saturday 11.30am - 5am and Sunday 11.30pm - 4am


Getting there:

Just a few minutes walk from Shinuku Train Station. Located right in Kabikicho Shinjuku Tokyo.

Enter Kabukicho under the gate in the picture below. Walk down this street about 80 meters and take the first street on the left and the restaurant is on the left hand side of this laneway.

Directions to Horumon Yakiniku Restaurant Tokyo


Check out the Google Map for the location marked with the green arrow.


Restaurant information: A reasonably priced yakiniku right in the heart of Kabikicho. They have a menu in English to choose the different types of meat you wish to grill on the small Hibachi Japanese BBQs.


Restaurant Website: Japanese Language website

Last updated 11th October 2012

Horumon Yaki-niku Restaurant Tokyo

Horumon Yakiniku Tokyo

Horumon Yakiniku Japanese Hibachi bbq





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  Restaurant Reviews

Review submitted 22nd September 2011 - from Scott from Sydney Australia

This is a good Yaki-niku restaurant with the traditional Japanese BBQs. A good selection of different types of meat and seafood to choose from as well as beer, wine and sake. The waiters spoke a little bit of English though was easy to point to the pictures to order the food and with my limited Japanese was able to say 'Biru mo hitatsu onegaishimasu' (one more beer please)!!

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