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Golden Gai is located in Shinjuku Tokyo, just along from Kabuki-cho, the red light district on the eastern side of Shinjuku Train Station. Golden Gai is located between Kabuki-cho and Hanazono Shrine, around a 10 minute walk from the east exit of Shinjuku train station.

Golden Gai is an area with a 6 small laneways which are lined with around 200 small bars which fit only around 6 - 8 people. These bar are traditional Japanese one-coin bars with 1 person serving and only enough seats for a few people. 

Golden Gai Bars Shinjuku Tokyo


Some of the bars in Golden Gai charge a fee just to enter and take up a seat. The fee can be around 800 Yen - 1000 Yen and drink prices are around the 700 Yen mark. Some of the bars in Golden Gai also serve food like pizza or yakitori chicken skewers, most only serve drinks. The bars in Golden Gai are only open at night time, usually opening at around 6pm though they are open all night closing at 5am.


Troll bar at Golden Gai Shinjuku




Some of the bars are for regulars only though these will usually be full when yuo walk past. Others will welcome you in. The bar staff at the bars at Golden Gai generally can speak a little bit of English and welcome tourists. Some of the bars have Karaoke music machines if you are keen to have a sign along. Or just pull up a seat, order your favourite drink and have a chat to the bar staff and anyone else sitting in the bar.


Entrance to Shinjuku Golden Gai


Most of the bars in Golden Gai will have some sort of theme to it with their walls plastered with movie posters or will play a particular type of music like jazz or R&B. One of the coolest of bars is called Troll bar which has it's bar decorated with a collection of troll dolls. Very kawaii (cute).


Troll bar Golden Gai Shinjuku Tokyo


Most of the buildings in the Golden Gai area are only 2 story buildings. It is easy to see into the bars on the ground floor though there are many bars upstairs. Often you will hear loud music coming from the bars upstairs though you will not know how busy they are until you climb the steps to go inside.


Last updated 23rd June 2013








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