Xi'an Chinese Restaurant Nishi-Shinjuku Tokyo

Name: Xi'an Chinese Restaurant

Type: Chinese Restaurant

Address: 4th Floor Shinjuku Sanhei Bldg Nishi-Shinjuku 1-12-1 Tokyo

Opening Hours: Open 7 days a week for lunch from 11:30am - 2:30pm and dinner from 5:30pm - 10pm

Phone: (03) 3347-5130

Website: none

Xi'an Chinese Restaurant Nishi-Shinjuku Tokyo

Located just a few minutes walk from Shinjuku Station, take the west exit to find a great Chinese restaurant. This place always has lots of Chinese people dinning here which is always a good sign of good Chinese food. Xi'an is a city located in the western part of China, located on the Silk Road trade route. There are many dishes from Xi'an using lamb, which is not common in other parts of China. Xi'an Chinese Restaurant in Nishi-Shinjuku has a number of good lamb dishes including some lovely spice BBQ lamb skewers and some stir fried lamb dishes.

Xi'an Chinese Restaurant has an extensive menu, all with pictures and with English descriptions. There are some great Xi'an street food including the lamb skewers as well as miso steamed pork buns and minced pork burgers Xi'an style. Other specialities of Xian Chinese Restaurant are there range of dumplings including Xiao Long Bao steamed soup dumplings, pan fried pork dumplings, pork dumplings in hot and spicy soup and the delicious seafood spring rolls. There are stir fried dishes including lamb, pork and beef. Also a great shared dish is their popular Chinese hot pots with a choice of 2 stocks (spicy or chicken stock). Load up on lots of vegetables, meats and seafood and cook the food at your table. Smoking is allowed in this restaurant.

How to get to Xi'an Chinese Restaurant Nishi-Shinjuku:

- Take the west exit of Shinjuku Station (towards Nishi-Shinjuku Skycrapper area)
- Travel around to the left of Shinjuku Station following the signs for the Subway Oedo Line
- Enter the Odakyu Ace shopping mall tunnel
- Turn right when you get to Burger King
- Take the stairs up via exit 6 Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal
- Head down towards the Keio Plaza Hotel and walk past the Yodobashi camera store
- Turn left when you get to Starbucks
- You will walk past a Seven Eleven on the left and the next intersection there is a Club Sega on the right
- Xi'an Chinese Restaurant is located on the 4th Floor of this building. You need to turn down the street and there is an elevator there to go up.

Xi'an Chinese Restaurant Reviews

Review submitted 20th May 2014 - from Scott

Awesome food at Xian Chinese Restaurant. I ordered the soup dumplings which so well made and tasty. The lamb skewers are very spicy and yummy and the fried pork dumplings are good too. Prices are great at an average of around 600 Yen per dish. I'll want to go back and try the Chinese Hot pot. Friendly staff, great pictures of the food on the menu. Food comes out quickly.

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