Tokyo Skytree - Tokyo's tallest tower

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is Tokyo's tallest tower with a 2 public observations decks giving 360 degree views over Tokyo. Tokyo Skytree open in May 2012. Skytree quickly has become one of Tokyo's busiests tourist attractions with up to 100,000 people visting each day.

Tokyo Skytree is 634m tall. The highest obversation deck, Tokyo Skytree Tembo Gallery is at 450m above the ground. The first obversation deck, Tembo Deck is at 350m above the ground. Ticket prices for adults above 18 years of age is 2,060 Yen to go the first observation deck at 350m, teenagers 12 - 17 years old tickets are 1,540 Yen, children 6 - 11 years old 930 Yen and 4 - 5 years old tickets are 620 Yen.

Once you reach to the first Tembo Deck observation deck you can then buy an additional ticket to go up to the highest observation deck. Adults 1030 Yen, teenagers 12 - 17 years 820 Yen, children 6 - 11 510 Yen and children 4 - 5 310 Yen.

Skytree is open everyday from 8am - 10pm. You can book tickets online via the Tokyo Skytree website

Tokyo Skytree - View from Skytree

As there are so many visitors each day to Tokyo Skytree, often there are waits for up to 2 hours to get into the evelators to get up to the top. Even during weekdays there are many school excursions to Tokyo Skytree. The best time to visit with the smallest queues is first thing in the morning from 8am. If you are prepared to wait in the queues then the best time to go is later afternoon so you can take in the view over Tokyo during the day time and then see all the lights of Tokyo turn on as the sun sets. Also times when there are fireworks displays over Tokyo's bay offers a great time to visit and take some great photos over the Tokyo night skyline lit up with fireworks.

Also once you are at the observation decks often you have to wait to get to the front to take good pictures out the windows. It is often 3 - 4 deep of people waiting to get to the window.

On a clear day you can see the top of Mount Fuji out to the West of Tokyo. The best time of year to see Mount Fuji is during winter. In the mornings you get a clear view of Mount Fuji, then usually in the afternoons it is covered by clouds.


Tokyo Solamachi Shopping Mall at Tokyo Skytree

Located at the bottom of Skytree is the Tokyo Solomachi Shopping Mall which has over 300 retail stores, currency exchange, restaurants and cafes. You can get free WiFi access at Tokyo Solomachi. You need to show your passport at the counter in the Tobu Department Store on level 4 and they give you a call with userid and password which lasts for 14 days free WiFi.

Also right next to Tokyo Skytree is the Sumida Aquarium with large marine tanks with a range of marine life on display.

Getting To Tokyo Skytree

Skytree is located close to the Sumida River, not far from Asakusa Tokyo. Skytree has it's own train station, Tokyo Skytree Station on the Tobu Skytree Line. You can get a train from Asakusa Train Station.

There are also shuttle buses to Tokyo Skytree from Ueno Train Station and Tokyo Train Station.

Tokyo Skytree Photo Gallery

Tokyo Skytree View from Tokyo Skytree Looking up at Tokyo Skytree Mount Fuji in the distance from Tokyo Skytree Tokyo Skyline from Tokyo Skytree Tokyo Skytree Tokyo Skytree Tokyo Skytree Tokyo Skytree Tokyo Skytree Tokyo Skytree Tokyo Skytree Looking towards Tokyo Bay from Tokyo Skytree Looking down Sumida River at the various bridges from Tokyo Skytree Tokyo Skytree Tokyo Skytree Tokyo Skytree Tokyo Skytree Tokyo Skytree Sumida River from Tokyo Skytree Looking down to Sumida River Tokyo Skytree The crowds at Tokyo Skytree The crowds at the observation deck at Tokyo Skytree